RMS Staffing

Executive Search

Executive placements have become one of our key specialties. We've become experts at networking on various social-media platforms and with other associations, thus ensuring a steady pool of top executives for our clients. When head-hunting or executive searching, we ensure 100% confidentiality at all times for both the candidate and the company to which they're being considered.

Permanent Placements

When you need a successful candidate, we'll find one for you. With our extensive database of qualified professionals for all industries and sectors, such as finance, insurance, HR, logistics, IT, sales and marketing or technical skills, we'll help you find the best fit for your company.

Contract Placements

Sometimes, we need access to people with unusual skills or expertise. That's why our fixed-term contracts will allow you to take time off for maternity leave, medical rehabilitation or international projects funded by a foreign agency. Our project managers will always be on hand to help if any difficulties arise.